Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Halloween is our favorite time of the year. This year Madison (9) did not want to get a costume or go trick-or-treating! She wanted to stay home and pass out candy. Shayna finally talked her into putting on a Tinkerbell costume that Aunt Trish made for Shayna last year. The top did not fit her so she wore the skirt and shoes with a Tinkerbell t-shirt. Shayna also did her hair and make up for her.

Shayna (14) was a cat, and unlike her sister she wanted to go out trick-or-treating but settled for passing out candy and watching a movie on the Disney Channel with us.

The girls got pretty creative with their pumpkins.

Shayna did a "Pumpkin Pie" Since she is in Geometry she thinks that is funny. Must be a math thing...

Madison did "Bob" the pumpkin. Neither one used a pattern, they did it old school. I baked up the seeds and we snacked on them.

The girls also decorated cookies this year, they were very meticulous about it too. Everything is always a competition between the girls. When Shayna got home and saw how good Madison did on her cookies she knew she had to step up her game a bit.

Next year it is Disneyland for Halloween, we can't wait!

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