Friday, October 27, 2006

Fall Harvest

Last summer we built an enclosed garden in our backyard just off the kitchen.
It is our white picket fence.

We had to enclose it because the container garden on our patio was being raided by the dog. He apparently likes to eat chile peppers. At that time, since it was near the end of the growing season we just transferred our container garden to the new garden.

This year we planted all sorts of fun stuff although due to soccer, we got a bit of a late start at the end of June. We planted three varieties of tomato, asparagus, kohlrabi, corn, watermelon, leeks, three varieties chile peppers, and cucumber. The front right hand corner as you walk into the garden was an herb garden with two varieties of basil, lemon thyme, stevia, and garlic chives. The herbs did the best, and the Thai chile peppers. The corn never matured and just dried up and died. The watermelon went crazy taking over the space but the one that I harvested was not quite ripe. Madison’s favorite thing was the kohlrabi.

A couple of weeks ago we harvested as much as we could since the weather has been getting quite cool in the evenings. Last Sunday I made potato leek soup for our after ride meal, it was good but could have been better – next time I will do things a little differently.

Fall is my favorite time of year.


Jeff said...

Good looking harvest! Is that the kohlrabi in the upper left? How do you prepare it?

Sandie said...

We prefer to eat it raw, just sliced with sea salt. I have read that you can cook it and top with butter.