Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PETA Alert!

My job is pretty dull but I do have a 2nd floor corner office overlooking a park and I get paid pretty well so there is that. I do not however have this 2nd floor corner office to myself. I have an office mate named Jared. Jared and I have been office mates for about 2 years now and get along rather well almost all of the time.

Jared had been out a couple of days in the past couple of weeks so one of our other coworkers decided he must be clinically depressed. She is a nurse, we work with a lot of nurses and social workers. Based on her diagnosis I decided to take matters into my own hands and cheer him up a bit. So last week I brought in two Siamese fighting fish or Betta splendens for our office. One for his desk, and one for mine. I used small glass vases as many people do to house our new pets.

Well my gesture of niceness has turned into the betta fish wars! Jared went out over the weekend and bought his fish a nice 3 gallon habitat complete with an exact replica of a real bonsai tree. My fish is still in his original cramped vase. Now everyone who comes into our office scoffs me for torturing my fish and praises Jared for his fish parenting skills. His next mission is to adopt a 9 year old girls and I quote "do a better job as a parent"

By the way, Jared is not clinically depressed he just owes the IRS a lot of money so he was "working on that" while he was gone. I do not want to know what that means.

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Anonymous said...

11/3/06 - In a fit of jealous rage, Sandie had one of my guppies assassinated. Apparently, one too many co-workers commented on how nice my fish were and kept asking when Sandie was going to geta tank like mine. The pressure became too much to bear and Sandie snapped.

In a secret meeting with the Betta she had purchased for me, it was agreed that for 3 extra food pellets a day, the hit would take place.

Jealousy is an ugly emotion, and when someone lets it take control, nobody wins.