Monday, October 09, 2006

Ruybalid - Williams Mountain Bike Ride
Mt. Rose Meadows to Ash Canyon via the Tahoe Rim Trail

On Sunday (from the left) Brent, me, Kathy, and Mike (Williams) went on a ride. The weather was gorgeous with a bit of a nip in the air but it was ok since I did not shave my legs that day I had some extra insulation. We drove up to Mount Rose Meadows and parked Mike's truck and then rode from there through the meadow where I immediately got my crash out of the way. I half way flew over the bars but managed to recover. My front tire got stuck in a rut in the water and the bike stuck and I continued to go forward. We continued and I was feeling like a complete chicken for the first 45 minutes due to my crash.

This was Brent's first big ride on the new bike (2006 Specialized Stumpy Expert) and his Fox rear shock froze in the beginning of the ride. He was bummed. He locked it out but it was still flexing and bottoming out. No worries, it is under warranty and it has already been sent overnight to be fixed and is supposed to be back by to him this week. I got my new Stumpy in May so we are set for next riding season for sure and we have big plans although we will continue to ride all winter as much as possible. He got his crash out of the way about an hour in. He was attempting a step up and because of the shock went over the side and landed head first in a hole surrounded by some boulders with his bike on top of him. He was screaming "get my bike!" So we rescued his bike and he crawled out of the hole. His leg is a bit swollen and his knee hurts but he and more importantly the bike is ok and he did not smash his face in.

The climb is not bad at all but pretty technical with lots of rocks and step ups. Kathy was great teaching me how to maneuver them and I did clear a couple but walked up the scary ones. The decent into Hobart is awesome with more shelves and steps and single track. The trees have just started to change and looked like they were glowing.

The views from the ridges were also incredible. In the first clearing we could see Washoe Lake and part of Carson City to the left and Lake Tahoe to the right. We were also right next to the top of Diamond Peak for part of the ride. Our decent into Carson was really fun too. There are these water shelves that you ride up to and if you let off your brakes as soon as you approach them it launches you into the air a bit. You have to hit the brakes again immediately to avoid sudden death. It was a blast. Mikes disc brakes were so hot when he pored water on them it created steam.

Once we arrived back at the Williams' place Kathy made us all latte's which were very yummy.

It was a great day spent with some pretty great people and we can't wait to do it again.

Tahoe Rim Trail

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