Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chile Roast & Waterworld Concord, Ca. Labor Day 2006

This year the chile roast was in Concord at Aunt Stella's house. The weather was perfect and the food was wonderful. After the chile's were all roasted on our way out of town we suprised the girls with a trip to Waterworld for the day.

Brent and I wanted to relax and enjoy the day in some peace and quiet so we rented a cabana for the day. It was nice they would take your food order and go all around the park collecting the items for you. Even Dip-n-Dots and beer!

The girls had a great time. Madison got a bit scared on the rafting ride because she thought we were going to flip over and land on her and she took a spill in the wave pool and scraped her elbow. I think we all liked the lazy river ride the best and everyone even fell asleep on it.

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Rev. Robin said...

Cabana Boys (or Girls)? I'm jealous!