Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Adventures of Bella

It has been a few weeks now and things sure have been exciting. The first day she was left alone in her area while we were at work/school she managed to escape by chewing through the baby gate.

Brent got some Plexi-glass and had to modify the gate so she could not get out. It turned out pretty nice she can still see out but can't chew it.

Chili-dog is doing a bit better with her. He is very patient when she steals his toys, lays on his bed, and most recently - drinks his water. I love the expression on her face in this picture.

She is working on her potty training but has a very small bladder so we are up at least twice a night letting her out. I am still coming home at lunch spending time with her which is pretty fun. Lately the weather has been nice enough to take her out in the yard for the hour.

I got her this sweater for St. Patrick's day and to keep her warm. She shivers if it is below 70. The sweater had different colored balls on the back which she chewed off in the first 30 minutes. Evidently she thought they made her look like a clown.

We took her to a party at the Moser's last night. We rode our beach cruisers over and I put her in the basket. She tried to jump several times, guess we need to work on that one. She was a hit at the party. Sugar, the Moser's chihuahua was not happy to see her at first but by the end of the night they were buds.

Stay tuned for more updates...

Sunday, March 09, 2008


About 2 weeks ago Brent called me at work asking if I wanted a Chihuahua I said "I am not sure". We are kind of big dog people. Although, I have always wanted a pocket-dog that I could dress up and do girly things with to annoy other people. Plus we thought Chile could use some company.

Someone at his work was giving away 6 week old half miniature pincher and half Chihuahua puppies. I told him to check it out and let me know. He went and saw them and of course, they were cute as hell. We made arrangements for me to see them this past Monday. We had the choice of two girls one looked just like the mom the min-pin and one like the dad the Chihuahua. It was love at first sight. We picked Isabella because she looked right into my eyes and begged me to take her. She has the prettiest green eyes.

We did not want the kids to know since they had to go to their other parents for the weekend so we kept it all on the down low. Brent picked her up on Friday after work and we met at the Vets office. She got a clean bill of health and her first set of shots. We took her home that night and just kept taking pictures of her while she slept.

Chile-dog is not sure what to think just yet. He doesn't dislike her but also does not seem to like her just yet. We are dog-sitting and Chile is already protective not letting the other dog near the baby. The baby he refuses to make eye contact with.

The first night she slept until 5:30 in the morning! Evidently, that was because of her shots cos last night she was up every 2 hours crying. We are tired.

Madison got home at about 3:00 today and was so excited when she saw her. She kept asking if we got to keep her. When Shayna got home she asked whose dog she was cos she assumed we were dog-sitting.

I think once Chile comes around things will be great, she is a little ball of fire and kinda ugly but in a cute sort of way.

I love her....

Especially when she is sleeping, which I really hope she does tonight.