Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Room with a View

Ok, so I have said before how boring my job is but here is one of the reasons I am still here 4.5 years later...I have a view of the park. In the fall the leaves on the cottonwoods are amazingly beautiful.

In the winter, the snow is breathtaking. There are geese that land there and then make a formation to take off like it were an airport. Sometimes the sheriff dept. drives through the park to break up fights at the skate park. We have seen Care Flight land there. There are guys that fly remote control airplanes. There is even a group of people that practice using a parachute. Field trips stop there and let the kids out to play. The motorcycle cops have a contest where they go through a course of cones and occasionally they dump their bikes. The carnival comes twice a year that is always fun to watch them set up. The high school track team runs through barefoot several times a week. Once a year a blackhawk lands there for the sheriff dept. annual safety education festival. There is a farmers market in the summer and latch key summer camp. Sometimes I even get to see Madison at camp if they are doing an activity on the grass. There is also a train that goes around the park. We had the special treat of band camp meeting at the park and practicing their drums - our windows are thin so we could hear them very well.

There is never a dull moment at Mills Park.

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