Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our Baby Boy

In January of 2004 we (Brent) decided that we had to have a dog. I did much research on breeds and came to the conclusion that we wanted an Australian Shepherd mix. I was a runner at that time and wanted a companion but we also like to watch movies and lay around on occasion. We found an Aussie rescue in Gardnerville and headed there to check out the litter. We decided on one that they named Sarge because he was the boss of the litter and even paper trained all the pups. He was bigger than the rest of the puppies but had the best disposition. He would walk away from a fight with the other litter mates and was just a happy puppy. We took him home and named him Chili-Dog. We can not imagine our lives without him.

This picture is from the day we brought him home. A more recent picture will follow where you can clearly see -- he is not an Aussie but we love him anyway. Our best guess is a German Shepherd and Lab mix because he is protective and loves to swim.

If you are looking for a pet please consider adoption. A great resource can be found at

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