Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stingers Season Comes to an End
7 Losses, 2 Ties, 2 Wins

We had our final game of the season yesterday followed by our end of season party. It was a pool party hosted by one of the girls grandparents. We had pizza, chips, and the coolest looking cake. The parents presented me with a certificate of appreciation, a long sleeved t-shirt with our team name, and a gift certificate for a local athletic shoe store. It was wonderful to have that much recognition for my work this season.

Soccer has a way of coming into your life completely taking over your time and then just as soon as you get used to it, it is over and you miss it.

This season was one of the best so far for me as a coach. Every year I am so frustrated by the time the season is over that I swear that I will never do it again and somehow I end up changing my mind. This year it was Madison, she insisted that I coach her again and how could I refuse? Her face just lights up when she tells people she plays soccer and her mom is her coach. In the spring she plays competitive soccer for the Patriots, I have been recruited to join the coaching staff this spring and am looking forward to doing my part to make it a wonderful season for our girls.

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Julie Cadena said...

Hello Ruybalid Family!
We love your blog, thanks for inviting us to read and keep updated on your family. We all read it together and looked at the pictures (which were great)your a very beautiful family inside and out.
Looking for to future updates!
Julie, Mike, Olivia and Matty Cadena