Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our New Toys

This is our new washer and dryer that was delivered on Thursday. They are the LG Tromm Steam Washer and Dryer. We had been shopping (and saving) for a new set for about a month since our washer was broken, or on its last leg. Last Sunday I went onto Home and found this set but in Wild Cherry color so we went to the store to get that set.

Once we got there they sold us the set in the picture, cos it had more RPM's on the spin cycle (1300 plus) and an LCD screen. I have washed all our laundry already this week and I love my new machines! The washer is super quiet and completely idiot proof.
The best part is that it uses way less water and energy to do the wash. The dryer also has a sensor to stop drying when the clothes are dry.

I am a gadget whore!

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Tricia said...

So, when can I bring over MY laundry for you to do..... Just thought you might like some more to wash, so you could play with it...