Sunday, November 26, 2006

con‧va‧les‧cence defines convalescence as: 1. the gradual recovery of health and strength after illness. or 2. the period during which one is convalescing.

I define convalescence as insanity. Mind you before my accident, I could not even spell convalescence so I guess I have in fact learned something from all this. Did I mention the dream I had last night? I was running through a soccer field with no cast but it hurt to take every step and that I was in a bikini top. What is that about? Do I feel unattractive with this lump of plaster on my right leg? I actually had a dilema this morning, do I bother to shave the left if I can't get to the right? In the end, I had to shave the left because although I have been known to hug a tree in my day - I draw the line with bushy legs or arm pits.

I have not had any Vicodin since Thursday morning at 5:30 AM. I am exactly 5 days into my recovery and have not yet seen an orthopedic doctor. I am guessing I will be laid up for at least 8 weeks but will not know for sure until I get in for follow up.

I went from being on physical overload unable to walk because my legs were too soar from soccer practice to being laid up flat on my back with my foot in the air. This morning I made coffee again, and did some dishes. I told Brent that my left butt cheek is going to be bigger than the other from standing on that leg and hopping around everywhere. I am going to try and cook dinner tonight, that should be entertaining.

Me trying to do anything reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song from the Shark Tale Movie Soundtrack "Good Foot".

The weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow, I can take comfort in that. Although I may need to make some modifications to my crutches so I don't kill myself or god forbid break my good leg. Maybe for the next 8 weeks or so it will rain and be so windy that I would not want to ride my bike anyway.

I just can't stand to do nothing, most of all I can't stand not doing the things that I love and that is going to cause me to go insane over the period during which I am convalescing.

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Jeff said...

I haven't done much of anything the last few days either, and I don't even have an excuse!

I see your bad weather curse has already gone into effect, and for that, I thank you.