Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Madison goes to visit her dad on Tuesday nights, she came home with these flowers, a card, and this angel bear. She was so proud of herself - she is a great helper to me.

I think so far the worst day by far has been the day after the accident (Wednesday). I woke up in such unbelievable pain that I was trying everything - even Lamaze breathing. Not sure why I was trying that since it did not work in child birth and I swear this hurt worse than that with nothing to show for after the pain. Madison came and got into bed with me for a few minutes before school and I just held her as tight as I could.

I spent most of that day in a drug induced coma - and was happy to be there. The pain killers they gave me were 500 mg vicodin and did not work at all. Luckily I found some that were 750 mg in our cabinet so I took those rather than taking 2 of the 500 mg which would have been 1000 mg. I would have been drooling with that much!

Thanksgiving was my biggest challenge of my convalescence thus far. I love to cook, and I am a control freak. If I am not cooking, I am telling someone else how to cook - that is just the way it is. Yesterday, I had the same morning pain incident but slightly less painful. I took a pain pill at 5:30 that morning which by the way was the last one I have taken. I wanted to drink some wine with my Thanksgiving dinner last night so I decided to rough it. I finally woke up at 11:30 am and called Brent on the intercom and asked him what he was doing. He said he was cooking, here is how that conversation went - me: “what are you doing?” Brent: “cooking” me: {heavy sigh} Brent: “you are mad that I am cooking?” me: “no!” {Lying}{Silence} Brent: “do you need anything?” me: “a bath”. So he brought me up a trash bag for my leg and then said he would be right back. I was bathed and ready to get out before he came back. I can’t even tell you how unbelievably hard it is to be dependent on other people for your most basic needs and therefore operate on their time. I am incredibly lucky to have Brent and the girls, they have been wonderful – I just don’t do helpless very well.

Today is Friday, Family day. It is the day that we decorate our tree and the house for Christmas and then this evening we will get dressed up and go to the Nutcracker. Maybe we will go out to dinner. Today I was not awakened by pain and I got up before anyone and made a pot of coffee. That seems like no big deal but the water for the coffee is across the room from the coffee pot so it was a challenge but I did it so I feel good. I have also arranged for a ride to work on Monday so I am feeling a bit more in control again. I had planned on going shopping today but that was before the fall...those special electronic carts may be fun but...I still have no patience for people or shopping injured or not!

Happy Holidays!

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Richard Ruybalid said...

Hi, my son and I stumbled across your Blog. Sorry to see that you hurt your leg. Where are you guys at. We are in Fair Oaks, CA (By Sacremento). The family sure is starting to spread out. Used to be when I was a kid (I'm 51 now) we pretty much knew who everybody in the family was. Any way, hope all is well with you all out there. Richard