Thursday, November 09, 2006

Red Finned Step-child

In a previous post I wrote about how I got my co-worker Jared a fish cos he had been missing work and seemed a little down. As I wrote before, he went and got a 3 gallon aquarium for the betta cos the vase I gave it to him in was not good enough.

Then he started introducing other fish to the tank. The betta (who if you remember was the first) did not like the new tank mates. He allegedly started nibbling on the tails of these new friends and allegedly killed one of them. Then the second new friend had some tail missing (you can see in the pic, he is the guppy with the spotted tail). Jared added a few more friends and eventually the betta started flaring at them, who could blame him he did not ask to be put in this situation.

So, we decided to remove him from the aquarium and place him back in his original container. I am pretty sure he is on death row; Jared has moved on, replaced him. I have a feeling he never really liked the betta to begin with although he did appreciate the gesture. One day he will "accidentally" knock over the vase and step on him and it will be done. Sad really, he is just doing what he was born to do...he is a Siamese fighting fish after all.

I am glad that I rekindled an interest of his and he is getting so much joy out of it even if it means an innocent betta has to die in the process.

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