Friday, November 10, 2006

Veterans Day Ride
Today I had the privilege of riding with Kathy and Mike up Lakeview to the turning point for either Ash Canyon or Hobart reservoir. We had intended going all the way to Hobart and then down Ash Canyon but it was getting cold and Mike had an appointment to get to (oh, and I was tired, did I mention that?). Brent had to work today; he was missed on the ride that is for sure.

This ride is an intense climb for a good 2 ½ hours. If I read this trail map description for Hobart to Snow Valley Peak correctly, we climbed 2450 feet! Or it could have been 1740, I am not sure I am sure that it was a heck of a climb. I had a protein shake for breakfast, some Hammer endurance drink they made for me to sip on during the ride, and then Kathy gave me some large white pills which she said were electrolytes – I trust her completely.
We ran into the forest service worker tracking an animal she called a Mountain Beaver, she had some fancy equipment that looked a lot like what you see those people looking for ghosts use with the long rod that spins around. We never did spot this so called beaver or any wild life for that matter and that is a good thing.

We also met a guy named Foley who lives in Lakeview. Evidently he saw us ride past his house and got geared up and followed us. He was a nice guy, so I hear; Kathy rode up with him for a bit on the hills while Mike pushed me (literally) from behind so I did not die on the trail. I had never had a push before; it was quite handy in that situation. He thanked us for inspiring him to get out and ride today. He also had heard it was my first time on this ride and was impressed with my positive attitude.

Remember how I said the climb was 2 ½ hours? We turned around at the crossroad and headed back the way we came to a single track that drops in at Timberline. It took us 9 minutes to get back down the hill that took so long to climb. The downhill was super fun and fast. The single track was very cool too.
Upon our arrival back at the William’s place Kathy made us some lattes and we visited for a bit. There is nothing like a hot latte after a hard ride on a cold day. (That is Mike on the right, he was our photographer today so this is the only shot of him that we got) I had a great time the only thing that could have made it better was if Brent was able to join us. I am so grateful for such good friends. They have helped me so much with their tips and support as I learn to be a better rider.

I am a lucky girl!

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Lucky! That looks so steep!

Link that up to the other blog...good stuff.