Monday, January 21, 2008


Last night we took the girls to see the movie Juno. It is rated PG13 so we were a bit weary of taking Madison but in the end I am glad we did. This movie was the first for the screenplay writer named Diablo Cody and is amazing. Because the movie is about teen pregnancy there is a lot of talk about sex. However, the way it is done is in a teaching or clinical way by using terms such as "sexually active".

The father and step-mother are very calm and supportive of Juno which Shayna did not find to be very realistic. Madison did not understand why the parents were hoping she was expelled from school or on hard drugs rather than being pregnant. I had to explain that some of life's problems are easier to deal with and don't have such lasting ramifications.

I think it was a great film for our girls to see about an important subject. I told Madison after the movie if she ever came home and told me she was pregnant I would kill her. Her response, "no you would not mommie" I suppose she is right.

In all, this was a quirky, fresh, funny, and sweet film about what happens to a 16 year old girl when she decides to have unprotected sex with her best friend.

Here is the official website and you can read other reviews here at Rotten Tomatoes.

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