Friday, January 18, 2008

Snowshoeing @ Lunch Part III

Jon, Marcus, and I decided to tackle another of our favorite trails that we call Timberline. We typically ride this one on Fridays because it takes a bit longer. It is a long and steep road climb until the pavement ends and then it is a bit more climbing on a fire road

This trail must be one of the highest in elevation because the amount of snow was incredible. Part of the trail had some snowmobile tracks that we were able to follow which was nice.

Here are Marcus (left) and Jon (right) at the start of our journey. The pictures seem a bit dark it was pretty overcast that day and I am still getting used to the new camera. You can see in the background where we are headed, on the other side of the mountain is Lake Tahoe.

Here I am at the end of our trek. We could actually go much further but we were limited on time. We made great strides in an hour (or so) and made it up into the trees.

Last but not least, the post would not be complete without another self-portrait. These always crack me up because although I am the one taking the picture I can never seem to anticipate the moment it is going to be taken so I always look silly.

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