Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Let it Snow

This past weekend we had what they are calling the "storm of the century". We had back to back storms resulting in nearly a foot of snow accumulation in the valley floor and over 5 feet up in Tahoe. Saturday afternoon we threw on the snow shoes and walked to our friends the Moser's house and then proceeded to the local park for some sledding.

Brent made an awesome launch pad for the sleds. All the other kids at the park wanted to try it out and when Madison and Shayna went back the next day they barely got a turn on it because it was so busy.

We took Chili-dog along with us to the park and he had a ball. He chased the kids around, caught snowballs, and ate some snow with Madison. He absolutely loves snow and cries to go outside constantly!

Everyone used Jeff's childhood sled as a snowboard off the jump it was pretty cool to watch.

After a minor injury (Madison hit her shin) we headed home to have some tea, warm up, and watch a movie. It was a great day spent with some great friends enjoying the snow.

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