Friday, January 18, 2008

Snowshoeing @ Lunch Part IV

This image is about the polar opposite of how I am feeling right about now. I am so OVER winter. Currently, we have too much shitty snow to ride my MTB on but too little to snowshoe. Between a rock and a hard place...

The boys and I headed out again last week to another of our favorite lunchtime MTB trails that we call the Creek Trail because it runs along a Creek. It is a really fun and somewhat technical trail that we really enjoy. It has off camber single track, bridges, logs, all nestled among the trees and accessible from work by bike.

I had the most trouble of the week on this trail mostly because there were no existing tire or snowmobile tracks to follow so we were not even sure we were on the trail. In fact, we weren't - we were walking on top of bushes. When you walk on top of a bush it is like an air pocket and you sink down a ton.

At one point, I somehow sunk to my knees and twisted around the other direction and ended up face first in the snow. I also had a blister from shoeing all week so it was painful to walk anyway.

It was still a blast.

Jon brought his camera along this time. I thought I would close this post with a picture of him taking a picture of me, taking his picture rather than my usual self portrait.

Hoping for snow or a heat wave for next week!

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