Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Making Snowballs out of Snow

With the recent snow fall my usual lunch time bike ride was not desirable. It might have been possible but it would not exactly be fun. So I decided to make snowballs out of snow so to speak and brought my snow shoes with me to work and scout out our trails.

I drove over to the trail head and up the first hill. The Pilot does great in the snow and I could feel the auto 4WD kick in. I parked at the top near the water tower and got geared up. The weather was perfect the sun was shining, the wind was light if non-existent, and the temperature was near the 40's.

I headed up toward the Deer Run trail head to scope it out for the possibility of MTB riding. Needless to say, chances are slim that MTBing would be any fun in this amount of snow. Sure snow biking is a blast but not in this depth, it would require studded tires which I do not have. It is also a nice change of pace to mix things up and get a different form of exercise.

I got my snowshoes for Christmas in 2006 and have not used them until this week. At first we were waiting for Brent to have some and then it was no longer winter so we have not had the opportunity to try them out. As you can see they are a nice shade of hot pink. This was the sole reason for purchasing them, although they are actually a very nice pair of Atlas Electra 8 women specific shoes.

Here is a view of the city from the trail, it still amazes me that I am so fortunate to have access to nature minutes from the city on my lunch hour!

Finally, the best of all the pictures - me thinking I am turning off the camera when in reality, I am taking yet another self portrait.

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