Sunday, February 24, 2008

Look Out.....She's Driving!

On February 1st Shayna passed her driver's test so she is officially on the road.

In Nevada, they have restrictions on new drivers under the age of 18 so she can't drive any of her friends around for 6 months, has to be off the road by 10:00 PM, and can't be on the road before 5:00 AM.

She goes to her mom's in Reno 3 weekends a month and Brent is a nervous wreck the entire time she is gone. She is very good about calling him when she gets there and what not. Last night we had another snow storm so although she is not due home until 6:00 tonight, Brent called her at 9:30 this morning telling her to head home.

Only 6 more years and Madison will be driving too!


aunt tres said...

geez, i thought you guys had gone off the grid. good to hear from you again.

Sandie said...

Influenza and soccer - a deadly combination. I am going to make an effort to stay more current for my 2 readers (you and my dad) ;-)