Monday, January 01, 2007

Ms. Scarlet In the Conservatory with a Rope

Happy New Year!

We had a nice quiet New year's eve at home with Madison. Brent made a pot of his famous chili and I made a veggie tray. We also had salami and cheese, nuts, etc.

At the last minute we invited some friends but they we not able to make it. When I put out the veggie tray Madison said it looked pretty and "that sucks that nobody gets to see it" to which I responded "you know what doesn't suck?" "we can double dip!"

Since it was a pajama party, Madison and I wore matching jammies. This was the first time I have had Madison on New Year's in quite a few years so it was pretty exciting. Last year she had lots of fun at her dad's and even called me at midnight to wish me Happy New Year.

We played several board games. While Brent watched the end of his football game Madison and I played Scrabble and then Disney edition of Sorry. Then when Brent was ready we played the Monsters Inc. version of Life and then it was time for our favorite...Clue! Madison is not a good secret keeper so it makes it real easy to play with her. After Clue, we played Yahtzee.

The next morning, Madison jumped out of bed and said "wanna play Clue mommie?" and ran down stairs to set up the game while I cleaned up the house from our party.

It was a very peaceful night spent with the ones I love - you can't ask for anything more.

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