Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bailey the Lap Dog

This is Bailey, a greyhound and great dane mix. She belongs to Brent's sister Tracy who rescued her from a shelter. Tracy is a school teacher and had to attend a smart board conference in Texas so we got to Bailey sit this past week.

Bailey has many quirks, probably too many to list. One of them is that she is camera shy. If you take her picture she will run and hide for several hours. In fact, one time we Bailey sat around Christmas time and took her picture and then found her hiding in our shower!

We have wooden floors in our house and another of her new quirks is that she does not like to lay on them. She is not allowed on the furniture at home so we did not allow her on our furniture (so Tracy would not be mad at us for teaching her a new trick).

So when you would pet her, she would inch up onto your lap!

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