Monday, January 15, 2007

Manic(ure) Monday

Brent had to work today but the girls and I were off due to the holiday. They both had some gift cards left from Christmas so we headed to the Douglas shopping center and had some fun. We found some great deals and had a really nice time together. On the way to shopping Shayna said "how bout we all get manicures today, my treat". Very cool idea if I do say so myself.

Shayna started working about a week before Christmas for the City's latch key program. She just got her first check on Friday and insisted that we deposit 100% of it into her bank account. We tried to talk her into spending some of it but she would not do it. Evidently over the weekend, she changed her mind and decided to spend it on the three of us. She got hers done in a hot pink with really pretty airbrushed hearts. Madison and I went for the French manicure with a flower and jewel in the center.

I talked to her about how she works hard for her money and she should treat herself and she agrees. She has decided that she will get a manicure once a month from here on out. Madison got very excited and said "me too?", Shayna said "maybe sometimes but not ALL the time".

Today was a great day, thanks Shayna you are the best!

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