Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And the Winner Is.....

So last Thursday I get an e-mail from our friend Kevin who needs some pointers on how to make Brent's salsa. I ask him where he is going to get the chili's since that is the key ingredient. His response, Raley's. I say oh no, you should just come for dinner, it's taco night. Then after dinner, you and Brent can make some salsa together.

Kev shows up with some beer and ice tea, always nice. We eat some tacos, have some laughs and then Brent makes him some salsa. Kev has me take some photos of him making the salsa for "evidence" at work.

Here is the e-mail he received at work announcing the winner of the salsa contest:

The Dip Maker Extraordinaire title
and the winner of the $40 is…

(drum roll please)

Mr. Kevin O’Donnell

This is Kevin’s second winning salsa that he has been gracious enough to share with us! Congrats Kevin! Come to the front desk to get your prize money!

The second time????


Kevin said...

I hope no one who works at my office reads the Ruybalid family blog. I will have some explaining to do.


Jeff said...

I brought some of Brent's salsa to a party once, and one guy said, "Wow! You should bottle this stuff!".

So there you go. Time to start a home based salsa business...