Friday, February 16, 2007

She Blinded me with Science

Last week Madison had her 4th grade science fair. She was so excited that day when I picked her up from school as soon as she got into the car she told me she was one of the 3 kids in her entire class to be picked to be judged. Evidently, they take the good projects to the Library for judging and leave the crap in the cafeteria. I wonder who decided what gets to be judged and what does not, is that not a form of judging?

Madison's project was called "Pop Bubbles Pop". She filled three containers with water and then each container with a different additive before adding the foaming soap. She then measured the depth of the foam. She thought of the question herself, and did almost all the work herself. I helped with some of the cutting, and typing but not much really and only helped because she enjoys doing it together.

The judge noted that it was a good project but was lacking a journal. We got the scoring sheet last night and she got 100% - an A!!! Funny thing is that she got 5 points for the journal that she did not have...

Next year, we will invite Kevin over to help - he is an actual real life scientist.


Kevin said...

I love it. Congratulations Madisen. Great Job! You are a cool scientist.


Kevin said...

It is assistant is fired.

It is hard out there for a scientist.