Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Once again, Valentines day was wonderful for us. The day started out like any other with the exception of a gift left for me in my car. A (PRODUCT) RED 8G iPod Nano loaded with a Valentines playlist of 140 songs lovingly placed in the iPod by Brent. My single cynical office mate Jared especially appreciated the playlist filled with sappy love songs. Knowing that part of my gift was a gift to somebody else made it that much more special. I encourage you to check out the other (PRODUCT) RED products and support this important cause.

When we got home from work there was a gift on the counter from Shayna that said "por mi familia". It was all wrapped in tissue paper and covered with rose petals. Inside was an assortment of heart-shaped chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate peanut clusters. Awwwww.

Brent got each of the girls a cute little heart shaped pillow, a chocolate rose, a peanut butter cup heart and a card.

Brent then opened his gift from me, a Playstation 2 and two games NHL Hockey and Grand Terismo 4. His face lit up like a small child it was classic. You see I get super annoyed with video games mostly because I suck at them but there are always other things that need to get done. It took a lot for me to get him this gift, but I wanted to see that look on his face. His first question was "so you aren't going to yell at me when I play this are you". I laughed and said "just because I bought it for you does not mean I don't get to yell at you" (silly boy). It will be fun for he and the kids to play together once we get some family games.

Brent had also arranged for us and the girls to dine at our favorite restaurant in Virginia City called the Cafe del Rio. (These pictures are just some I found on the internet posted by a random stranger, good shots though.) I can not say enough about this place it is just incredible. Brent had two chicken tacos, I had the blue corn chicken salad, Madison had the fried chicken special, and Shayna had a dang bbq chicken case-a-dilla. Wednesday is fried chicken night and it is so wonderful. They give you three pieces of breaded, seasoned, and fried boneless chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and corn on the cob for $9.50! I think our favorite part of the place is that they remember us when we get there. They always put us at the same table, and know what we want to drink. The service is what some in this day and age of fast food think is slow but it really gives you the time to talk and relax before your meal. They bring your drinks and chips & salsa so it is not like you are going to die before your dinner arrives. Believe me when you taste the food, it is well worth the wait.

After dinner we headed home to put on our PJ's and play some PS2 while we sipped on our favorite Chocolate Amore port while the girls enjoyed some chocolate of tbe non-alcohol variety.

Valentines for us has not so much been about romantic love but has been about spending time as a family and expressing how much we love each other. One of my most favorite days of the year!


Jeff said...

Those pictures of the Rio aren't from some random stranger...those are from Scott Schrantz that does the Around Carson blog. Well, not a total stranger anyway...

Anonymous said...

Actually "Tracy said" but since I don't have my own blog I guess I have to be nobody.

I like that heart picture. It kinda looks like a disease.Perhaps a herpes virus taken through a microscope.

Sandie said...

Actually, it is what's called a fractal

Here is where the original art came from

Looks like this guy used a computer program to make his fractals.