Friday, February 09, 2007

Maggie is a Lover not a Fighter....

Our cousin Robin somehow ended up with a standard poodle. The poodle's owner had died and she was being bounced from house to house so Robin took her in. Her name is Maggie but we call her Magnadoodle.

This is a picture of Robin I just found while looking for a pic of Maggie, I posted this because the have the same look on their face! OMG that is just funny!

Chili dog is a lover, he just wants to make friends where ever he goes. Maggie is a sweet dog, but is super protective of her toys. When she and Chili met for the first time they did fine as long as they were in the back yard far far away from Maggie's HUGE box of toys.

About a week or so ago Chili-dog got a package in the mail from his friend Maggie. Maggie only lives in Reno but with all of our schedules, Robin mails stuff to us.

Here is Chili getting the present out of the box...

And here is what it was, a super cool skull and cross bone toy for him to carry around. It also squeaks. He tried so hard to take it outside but we would not let him.

Here is what the card said on the inside. How freaking cute is that?

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