Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Can Walk!

Yesterday, like everyday since getting the aircast, I tried to put weight on my broken ankle and for the first time it did not hurt too bad. I then decided to take a step and was able to. Then I walked all the way upstairs. The only pain was the cramping in my calf but that seemed to stop with more use and some stretching.

I am free, free from the shackels of the crutches!

To celebrate Brent and I went Christmas shopping at Costco. I walked through the entire store without the crutches and it felt great. I did have two different people actually step on my aircast but other than that, it was wonderful.

The doctor said this past Tuesday that I would be walking without crutches in 3 weeks, I am ahead of schedule and optimistic about my recovery.

Stay tuned!

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