Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Big Four-Oh

Well, I turned 40 on Monday December 4, 2006. My wonderful wife and friends had a great party for me at our friends Mike and Kathy's house on Saturday. It was great to see some people I haven't seen in a long while and some that I see quite often, some that ride bikes and some that don't... all in the same room and finding enough in common to keep conversation and good times at a high level. I truely enjoyed just moving through the party and jumping into conversations about bikes, movies, music, kids, family, soccer... and so on. The last real party I had to celebrate the day of my birth was when I was 22! So it was long overdue and it made it that much better.

On Sunday I was laying in bed watching the pre game show and talking to Sandie when Jeff called and said, "I just called to make sure you're loading your bike because we changed the time of our ride so you could come." I jumped out of bed, grabbed all of my (dirty-smelly-not-yet-washed) gear and tossed the bike in the Pilot and headed down to Carson Valley for a nice 14 mile trip through the Pinenuts. "Riding the Night Train" used to mean buying a bottle of wine (Night Train) that costs $1.99 and drinking till I couldn't walk. Now it means SINGLETRACK! What a beautiful way to close out my 30's.

After that, Sandie, the girls, Chili and I headed up to Tracy's house for a family party. It was very nice and I truely enjoyed myself. My mom made my fave Lasagne and Tracy made my other fave Dutch Apple Pie! I had to share, but I guess that's okay.

My girls and I all went out to dinner on Monday (my actual birthday) and had a nice quiet evening watching TV.

I hear all of these war stories about people turning 40 and going insane and having midlife whatevers... I am very proud that I made it this far. Turning 30 was tough, but I wasn't in a very good place at the time (and I was 20lbs heavier!). Today I have a hot young wife, two beautiful daughters and the coolest dog on the planet. What more could a guy want? Oh yeah... a new bike. I got some bike money and bike related gifts. The bike I ordered today is a Masi Gran Criterium. Looking forward to riding the road.

It has been a wonderful year with all of the ups and downs and ins and outs that come with being a Ruybalid. I love my family and friends and want to thank you all for being you and special thanks to Mike and Kathy and the kids for letting us invade your home to enjoy a great evening.


Jeff said...

I'm glad Charlie was there to help blow out those candles! I was worried that in your advanced years, you may not have the wind required to extinguish so many little flames!

You were riding FAST that day in the Pinenuts. We'll have to see if you are as fast in your 40s!

Brent said...

You, my friend were faster... plus you climbed that last big hill and I slipped out. You whippersnappers have all the strength!