Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Quilt

My great aunt Linda had everyone in the family that quilts make a block. Then they were all put together to make a quilt. then she put all the names in a hat and drew out the person to win the quilt! And the winner was my cousin Daniel. I was pretty bummed out that I didn't win that quilt!

This one above is my christmas block. My aunt Trish came over and helped me get all the material and a cutter that I could keep!

This block is the one my Aunt Trish made for the quilt.

This one is my cousin Anjeanette's

This one to the right is the one my grandma made. She is my great aunt Linda's sister.

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Tricia Burns said...

I was wondering if this was ever going to make it to the blog page. Madison, you write some great stories in here. I always love reading them! Aunt Trish