Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa's Surprise

Last night we had the special treat of attending the 4th grade play at Madison's school.

She had tried out for the role of Lucky the elf which she did not get. She knew her lines but has stage fright. The girl who did get the role was taller than me - she was huge!

Those who did not get acting parts were the chorus on the sides of the stage.

Madison has two best friends and a "boyfriend" that she got to sing with for the play. In the photo above from the left they are: Paige, Alysha, Madison, and Josiah.

Madison and Josiah first met in the 2nd grade. At the beginning of the 4th grade, Josiah asked Madison to be his girlfriend. Madison is not really "allowed" to have a boyfriend and she is especially not allowed to hold hands with a boy or anything of that nature. We had the pleasure of meeting Josiah last night and he seems to be a real sweet kid. He was super scared of us which was adorable.

Madison, Paige, and Alysha have been friends since the 3rd grade.

There is lots of drama surrounding their friendship it is like our very own reality show. Every day someone is not friends but they manage to make up the next day and all is well again. They are both sweet little girls and we like them a lot.

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