Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tour de Enzyte 2007

This is Smiling Bob, you may recognize him from every other commercial on Versus coverage of the Tour de France. Evidently the geniuses at Versus think that the target audience for the Tour are middle aged men who have trouble getting their man parts to work. I am typically not a prude...for the most part I really am not but when my 9 year old daughter (who we want to encourage to like cycling) is whistling the song to the Enzyte commercial I get a bit annoyed. Thank god she has not yet asked me what "natural male enhancement" is. We have actually started to time the occurrences of this commercial and it is about every 20 minutes. I guess I had a hard enough time getting excited about the tour this year and I am very dissapointed with the coverage that Versus is offering. I miss Lance and I miss OLN!

Now that I have that off my chest, here is a funny story from Madison. We were watching the tour the other night and she (age 9) says to me "Mommie, why aren't there any girls in this race?" So I turn to Brent (who know this subject is near and dear to my girls-can-do-anything-boys-can heart) and said "would you care to explain that to her". His response was basically that there are no women that can do this race but someday maybe there will be. Madison's response to this was "my mommie could do that race". It was so dang adorable! So of course I set her straight and explained that while mommie rides her bike these guys ride 4 times the amount of miles mommie does in a day and do it for 3 weeks straight.

I still think she thinks I could do it and that RULES!


Jeff said...

One of the reasons I dumped cable two years ago...

I just read that since people DVR or Tivo so much programming now, the advertisers are working harder on product placements in the programming/newscasts.

TV sucks.

Tricia said...

If somebody tried to tell you that you couldn't do that would do it...or die trying... I am with Madison...her mommy could do it.

Sandie said...

I heart my DVR!

Thanks sis, you are the best.