Sunday, July 01, 2007

Franktown Loop

Yesterday Brent and I did the Franktown loop in Carson City. It is about a 30 mile loop from our house and it away from traffic and very scenic. I typically do this ride after work about twice per week depending on the wind.

This is Brent at the first climb on the loop called Lakeview. This somewhat short climb is the worst of the entire ride.

Parts of the ride overlook Washoe lake and Lightning W golf course. The homes in the area are all ranches with lots of acreage and livestock, etc. It is strange to leave the city and just a few blocks away you drop into this beautiful farm area.
Here is Brent in front of one of the ranches with roses that cascade over the fence. The tattoo is a nice touch I think. After Franktown road we extend the loop and head past Bower's Mansion and all the way to a green dome in Washoe Valley.

Can you spot the stud in this picture? It is actually kind of sad, my friend Kathy says that after this bull does his business for the season, they segregate him from the other cows so he is all alone in this little pasture.

People drive from Reno, Gardnerville, and surrounding areas to ride this loop. We feel very fortunate to be able to just ride out from our home to such a great area.


Jeff said...

Is Brent wearing tight shorts? Never thought I'd see the day...

Brent said...

Just like the 80s huh? Haven't shaved the legs yet tho... don't know where I'd stop!