Thursday, July 26, 2007

Madison's Triathlon Part I

Madison has been attending triathlon training camp this week through our community center recreation program. This will be the second year they have had the camp to help prepare the kids for the race. This will be the 4Th year she has done the race. She has been having a blast all week practicing transitions, learning about nutrition, and doing craft projects. It is a nice change of pace from her regular summer camp program.

Since I work across the street from the community center, I had the opportunity to come and watch the practice race they did today.

The camp is run by a guy who used to run the entire recreation program but had the opportunity to buy a business so he has resigned. Three of his own kids are in the camp one of which is Madison's age. So when it came to the practice race, it was just she and him in their age bracket. Evidently his dad told the two of them to stick together and just do the race without stopping. At least that was Madison's understanding of the instructions so she thought she was not allowed to beat him.

Madison was the first out of the pool but the other boy caught her at the transition area but kindly waited for her before taking off on his bike. Then they proceeded to ride together until the run where again, if one of them got ahead the other waited for them to catch up. I found this quite amusing but the camp organizers were just shaking their heads. In the end, they tied just as planned but it was Madison who was waiting for him to get to the finish.

The real race is this Saturday and we are super excited!


Brent said...

Some day she will be a pro athlete... I just know it!

Kevin said...

Congratulations Madison. Good job. I know you will rock on Saturday.