Monday, July 30, 2007

Madison's Triathlon Part II

This Saturday Madison did the "real" triathlon. In her age group (9/10) there were about 25 kids. She was nervous before the race saying that her stomach hurt. This picture is of her and the other kids getting instructions from Keith the swim center director. You can see her biting her lip...

During the training camp they did a transition practice race and Madison was first so she won this fabulous Tigersharks swim cap seen in this photo.

Here we are exiting the pool, about the mid to last half of the pack. All the swim team punks were the first ones out of course.

Here we are at the "transition area" where we put on shoes and take off on the bike.

The bike was where she caught up and smoked em! When she got off the bike she was the second place girl. You can see the difference in her entire demeanor on race day it is pretty amazing.

The run was where we had a break down. She got a cramp and had to stop running to recover. Brent ran out to her and told her what place she was in and kept her going. In the end, the cramp got the best of her but she still sprinted to the finish.

In the end, she was the 4th place girl she was just seconds away from a 3rd place medal. Every year she just gets better and better. The first year she did not finish, she swam 50 meters, exiting the pool and said I am done. The second year she finished and was not last. The third she finished in the upper mid of the pack. This year she did amazing I am so proud. One of the first things she said to me after she stopped crying and caught her breath was "I think I can win this next year mommie".

Not too bad for a soccer player!

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