Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad and Tragic Day

The news of Farrah's death was enough to bum me out this morning. She was my first crush. A very sad ending to her life. Cancer sucks!

Now the news of Michael Jackson's death! Love him or hate him, no one can deny the impact he had on music and entertainment. His life became quite weird and sad over the last few years but he was an amazing performer.



warren said...

Sorry no sympathy for a child molester proven by actions in the real world but perhaps not to a jury that was obviously blinded by celebrity. So no matter how talented he was it still does not begin to excuse his lurid behavior over the span of his adult life R.I.H. Michael Jackson. I am only Sorry his death overshadowed the saddest news of the day. Farrah Fawcett was also my first crush and I am sure there are many men of my age who will say the same she was a very beautiful woman with a good heart I wish her loved ones well.

Brent said...

I have no sympathy for him either. Just commenting on the day. It is very sad that his death overshadowed Farrah's. She was a much better person, no doubt.

Christine said...

I was a HUGE MJ fan when I was a kid and Thriller left an indelible mark on my life so it really made me kind of sad because of what he meant to me in those days and what an amazing performer he was. I do not banish him to hell, mainly because I don't believe in a heaven or hell and beyond that, it is not my place to decide such things. maybe his hell was here, on earth anyway.

Scott said...

I 2nd what Christine said. Heaven and Hell is a man made cruel idea. Mj was basically pimped out as a kid and spent his entire life trying to recover from a father who was a money whore. I didn't love the guy but it doesn't take a genius to see he had a lot more issues do deal with than most kids. Doesn't make what he did or didn't do right but it does shed light. And evidently the heaven and hell folk only see 1 light bulb on the entire Xmas Tree.

Jeremy K. said...

This has been a tough week for celebrities. First Ed McMahan, then Farrah and now Jacko. All made an impact in peoples lives, some good and some, well not so much. But at one time, they all were very much loved and maybe that is the time that we need to remember them most. And hopefully when we are gone, people won't remember the bad things we did but rather the good in us all.

Oh yeah, I still wouldn't leave my kids alone with Michael.