Saturday, August 11, 2007

Madison goes to Theater Camp

This past week Madison attended Theater Camp at the Brewery Arts Center. They learned improv, all about sets, and musical theater. This is her and her friend Natasha from soccer they spent the week hanging out and even had a sleepover on Monday night.

On Friday they had a parents presentation to show us what they had been doing all week. The room that it was located in is called the Black Box Theater. The walls, ceiling and floor are all painted black which unfortunately is not very conducive for photography or videos.

The homework assignments for the week were to memorize poems and recite them the following day. Because we had soccer practice the night before, Madison forgot to memorize a poem for Friday so we stopped at my work and found one on the internet at a children's poetry website. It is called "My Mom's a Vegetarian".

The entire class performed the song I just Can't Wait to be King from the movie
The Lion King. They made masks and rehearsed all week. You can't see Madison in the video until about mid way and then she is directly in front of me, again the quality is poor due to the lighting in the room.

I think she had a good time and certainly was not shy while performing. One of the parents approached her after the performance and told her she was a great singer - that made her day.

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Kristy said...

I love that poem! Very cute!