Saturday, August 11, 2007

Do Not Drink and Dye

So here is the deal, we were at Robin's house for a bbq last weekend and somehow we got on the subject of the pink in her hair. Somehow Madison ended up getting two streaks in the front of her hair and somehow I was talked into putting pink in my hair. The details are sketchy but pictures do not lie....needless to say, Madison's is almost gone and mommies is still bright as ever.

I was pretty nervous to go into work on Monday but I laid low for a few days until finally my boss saw me and just laughed. Of course this was also the week I had a neighborhood watch meeting, had to meet the parents of the soccer team I am coaching, etc.

It is pretty funny how people judge you based on your appearance, somehow people think I am more approachable with pink hair and we certainly can't have that! I think the girls on my soccer team think it is pretty cool and makes it all worth it.

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Kristy said...

It's cute! Plus, it never hurts to be accepted by the kids.