Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sick Air

Since we did not have any kids this past weekend we took a break in between soccer games to get a ride in. A friend of ours has been working on trails and doing an amazing job. We can get to a network of these trails right from home without driving our car in a matter of minutes.

This trail is in Ash Canyon and is named "The Creek Trail" or "Bear Creek" as it runs along a creek and there have been several bear sightings on it. In fact, the first time Brent rode this trail he had Chili Dog with him. They were minding their own business when he spotted a momma bear who ran up a tree and then her baby came right up to his wheel. He quickly back tracked and got the heck out of there and has not been back since until this day.

The trail starts from the bike path behind the community college and up a fire road. From there it is all down hill single track until you climb back out onto the fire road. From the fire road you climb back up a ways to the entrance of the trail called Deer Run, more down hill single track then to the Postal run (where I broke my ankle last year about this time) which has some off camber single track but is in much better shape this year. You end the ride with the Rabbit trail which is a very sandy twisty single track that ends with this sweet jump.

Brent and I did the jump over and over because it is that fun. Not to mention the weather has been just perfect for riding lately - we are very lucky.

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Jeff said...

Nice action shots! Glad you two finally got to enjoy the creek trail!