Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eggs with Legs

This past weekend was Easter and our girls were with their other parents, the exes. We assumed that they would be doing the Easter activities while with them on the weekend so we did not plan or prepare for it. Somehow, they did not have the time and both our girls were disappointed.

Since it is spring break I took a couple of days off work to spend with Madison. Monday I headed to Alberstson's to get some eggs and dye kits.

The day after Easter is a great time to buy such things. I got several kits for $1.00 each! I bought each girl and 18 pack of eggs and their own decorating kit.

Last night we finally had the time to decorate and had a blast. Madison's were called Eggs with Legs, Shayna's were princesses, and well mine were Hello Kitty of course. Coloring Easter eggs is a peculiar tradition but does bring joy to our kids and lets them tap into their creative side. And we get egg salad for days to come.

South Park did an episode that you can watch a clip of here last week about the Easter bunny that was quite hilarious. Evidently St. Peter was a rabbit and there was a secret club of men who dress as the Easter bunny of course they were called the Hare Club for Men.

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